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Welcome To Servertron - We Offer Well Targeted Email Campaigns To Consumers and Businesses. Our Email Blast Campaigns Will Get You High Lead Generation And Sales For Your Products.




At, getting results for clients is our top priority. Our digital marketing agency uses very unique systems to get your emails delivered into inbox of recipients. We use the best technologies available for our email marketing campaigns. And all our clients and customers have experienced a difference when it comes to getting results and responses from their email advertising campaigns with us. For example we do all our mailings with smtp technology. SMTP technology when updated frequently can deliver almost every email advert sent out into the inbox of the recipients where it would be read. We can send out large email advertising campaigns to England, World wide, USA and so on that can change your business name recognition overnight! We also have large email campaigns that can be sent out world wide that will get your services immediately in global consumer eyes. Lets say you are offering some sports event in UK or you are organising a sports tournament like the Euro league or something, you can use our UK email blast to reach 50 million consumers. or use our worldwide email campaign to reach over 500 million consumers within one week. And all these email campaign ads will end up successfully in the inbox of all the recipients. Our delivery rate here at Servertron Email Marketing is really over 95% because of the technologies we use.


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Other technologies we use for our effective UK email adverting or USA email marketing is the use of fresh IPs. Our IPs used for email blasts and email marketing are constantly changing to make sure our email marketing IPs don't get market for spamming. That way the emails sent are constantly getting through and being white listed to be delivered in the inbox of consumer recipients. Email Marketing Vendors and other digital companies that don't have the means of using hundreds of IP daily end up using the few IPs the have over and over and their messages being broadcasted is immediately detected and marked as spam. After that, any subsequent emails the send out will end up in the spam folder of recipients. This is why a lot of companies can't deliver on email advertising. This is why a lot of customers will order an emai email campaign in other companies and get not one reply from the email sending campaign!


We also use very fresh email lists, the type of email lists that no one else has access to. That really helps because then the email lists can't be over used. We use a technology that cleans email lists at high speed to remove any old or 'out of use' email addresses. Our system tests each email address at their home mail server and any email addresses that bounce back are scrubs against our original email lists. So we always have fresh email lists and current email addresses here.


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Uses for Our Email Advertising Campaigns


You can use our targeted email advertising or our Mass email blasts to market your shopping website. You can use our UK email campaigns to advertise your online pharmacy to pharmaceutical interest consumers. Our mass email marketing works. Here at Servertron, speed of delivery is also of the essence. If you have a stock trading platform or website and there is a new stock coming out, you can use our quick email marketing service to send out a large stock interest email campaign. We can start your email marketing campaign within hours if you need. You can also use our England email advertising or Global target mass email blast to execute a large sports betting email campaign project. With this you will get thousands of sports betting fans signing up at your new website.


Some of The EMail Adverting Targets We Offer Here


We offer lots consumer targets which you can choose for your email marketing. We also offer lot of USA consumer targets. You can also decide what other location you want with our mass email blasts. We offer for example business opportunity email marketing, sports betting email campaign, casino email blasts, home owner email advertising, credit seeker email marketing blasts and so on. We have over 500 consumer types targets that you can choose from. You can view a lot of our consumer targets from this page. UK Consumer Email Campaign; World wide Consumer email advertising; Europe consumer email blasts


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We have many customers that return to order more after their first order because there is nothing else that our clients are looking for than a company that can deliver. We have a customer that paid 24,000 pounds to run a large email campaign to target consumers in certain countries worldwide. The client wanted their stock to be known over night so that they will get large stock volume by having lots of new consumers who purchased their stock. After their first email sending campaign the customer came back and ordered a billion worldwide. We have customers like these all the time, some order the 5 million consumer email sending blast, some clients order the 50 million united kingdom email advertising, some order the 200 million mass email adverting blasts. And we do our best to make sure each customer is satisfied. You can see some our our testimonies on this page: Servertron Customer Testimonies. So you can see, our customers are satisfied.


Guarantee On Your Mass Email Blasts


As trustworthy email marketing vendor, we can do something for you if for some reason your email marketing campaign did not yield. Even if the problem is your fault we can redo the email advertising campaign free of charge. For example if we ran an England email campaign or Wales email blast for you and people where not opening the email much because you did not have good subjects. We can refer you to our team of email campaign specialists to advise you on a better subject to use for your email marketing blasts. And then then we can resend your email broadcast free of charge whether large or small.


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